New science is inspired by grand societal and industrial challenges

The ICMS Challenge will connect creative minds in science and industry, bringing a new scientific perspective to industrial problems.


The formation of a scientific community will facilitate the development of long-term research collaborations and support the career development of ICMS members



Representatives from the participating companies will provide outstanding industrial problems. In teams the ICMS Industrial Challenge members will identify and extract scientific challenges and work in a team with an industry representative to find a novel solution. The ICMS Industrial Challenge commences with a kick-off event at the Ceres Building, TU/e, in September 2018. At this event, representatives from each of the leading chemical companies will present their case.

Over the following months teams will form around each problem. In December the teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions with the best cases being selected to move onto the final event. At the ICMS Outreach Symposium the ICMS Industrial Challenge will culminate when the final teams are judged by a jury of respected researchers.

The industrial problems will be made available to registered participants before the kick-off event.